We develop artists and manage careers.  We help launch entertainment brands. We consult in all facets of music and tour production. We find the right partners in recording, publishing and production.  We are a dynamic company, constantly seeking expansion and vertical integration. We are an aggressive company, working all hours, making anything possible. We are an experienced company with thriving accomplishments. We are a team. We give direction and support, advice and counsel.  We believe in our artists. Our artists believe in us. Our innovation opens the door, our tenacity pushes us through and our results move us forward.

We are presently comprised of three core business elements with locations in Chicago and New York.

1. Artist Personal Management / Brand Development:  KMAmanagement.com

2. Music Production/Record Label: ClickAndMortarmusic.com

3. Event Production / Event Marketing / Event Entertainment



Mailing Address:

1658 N. Milwaukee Ave 

Suite 292

Chicago, Il 60647